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At the End of the Tunnel…There is Hope. I took this today among many other shots and I began to weep. Not one or two tears, but quite a bit. To get here, I had to descend the side of a road many feet below to a river bed. The brush was thick and occasionally stuck into my pants, but I had on my beloved high heel boots — my preferred shooting wear.As I got to the mouth of the tunnel, I saw this light shining through. As I looked up, I saw the river reflecting under the bridge. The water was so green and yellow. I was overwhelmed by this feeling of love.It was an act of courage for me to climb down and I am not sure that I would have done it — if I did not see a guy go down moments before. If he could — I could, right? Well, I did. Timing was everything. If I delayed, I would have missed this and so many other incredible experiences today. If I was too early, it would have been the same as well. My timing was just right. I said to someone earlier today that time is relative to me. It is. I share this photo to also say to you, keep the faith in whatever you are going through. It may be discouraging, painful and you might even be scared, but I know none of us are alone and there is a Light of Protection that surrounds you and awaits you at the End of the Tunnel.Namaste
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