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Perfection…As I admitted to my favorite 9-year-old in Chicago that I am a perfectionist when I’m focused on photography, as self-criticism, she smiled broadly — “So, am I!” And, she proceeded to tell me a story about her own perfectionism with pride. Although I shoot quickly when get what I believe is the “right” shot, I am as careful as I can be putting myself into every moment captured.This photo is not perfect. Nope. As I raced to capture another moment at the National Bridal Market Chicago, I could not resist designer Mikaella’s display. And there wasn’t an opportunity to get the crooked sign in the back corrected. And, there wasn’t an opportunity to have the mannequins moved to properly display the lettering for the brand. But, I love this photo. I find the dresses to be absolutely beautiful. And, so why did I share what I know is imperfect? Because, sometimes, we have to look beyond the faults to embrace the beautiful in life. Striving for perfection should not be frowned upon as my favorite 9-year-old knows, but not everything can be perfect. And, everything and everyone holds value.Two cents spent.xxPS taking some virtual time off for the next few days.All Rights Reserved Simply Arlie
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